Our First Glamping Trip, May 31 – June 1

You can’t really count when we spent the night in the dealer’s lot in Fairfield.  So officially Hurkey Creek was our first trip.  This trip had been planned for months.  It was a big retirement bash for our good friend, Lt. Col Gumby, who just turned civilian after 24 years.  It was a great trip, with great friends, and great bike riding.  So much fun was had that I only got one photo.


Rookie move, not quite level.  But let it be known, our very first back in to a spot was done by Amelia.

2 thoughts on “Our First Glamping Trip, May 31 – June 1

  1. It is going to be a blast following your blog! Nice job with WPress! Fun posts. Felt like I was there for the first pull too! Like the writing style – entertaining and informative.

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