Next Up

We leave on Sunday for our biggest trip yet.  Three weeks on the calle.  We will be going north into Oregon then down the coast into Northern CA.  Amelia, with the help of R, has been planning out the trip.  Like explorers of old, they have been studying charts.  It pays to be prepared when going into uncharted territory.  It helps to relieve unneeded stress while on the road.  The plan is to alternate between full hook up sites and primitive so we do not drain our battery.  Once we get the solar installed our full hook up visits will be few and far between.  The first stop is Washoe State Park (Reno area), then Collier State Park (in Oregon close to Crater Lake).  Next up, the big bash in Bend for mountain biking and beers!  Folks are coming in from all over.  Roger and Gail from Portland, R from San Diego, and Dona Dona de Boise.  Our good friend Pat lives in Bend.  So she’ll be showing us around the trails, breweries, and sights.

After that off to McKenzie river for some more mountain biking and rest and recreation with Gail, Roger, and R.  Then we part ways and the Harris’ will go over to Cape Blanco on the coast.  Then Denise will join us for the weekend as we head south to Harris Beach State Park (you know with a name like that the place will be awesome!)

Back into the Golden State to visit R’s third ex-wife, or as Amy likes to say, her later in life stepmom, Jeanie-Jeanie, who lives in Fortuna.  We will also visit Jeanie’s son and family, James, Francine, and Delaney.

Eventually back to Mammoth Lakes, our home.  We are excited, but it’s a little bittersweet.  Right now Mammoth is heaven.  The crowds are gone, the weather is delightful and fall colors are appearing.  This departure is quite a bit different than our last one when we couldn’t wait to flee the transient vacation rental complex.

8 thoughts on “Next Up

  1. Love yer posts, Greg’s got talent! Guess what. Seth’s dream vacation was Harris StatePark when he lived in Humbolt. They went up there. He was so high he thought he was at Cannon Beach. But alas, sober, he realized it was this Harris place. This is where he wants us to go at the beach in Oregon and I want to hit up Cannon Beach.gotta go

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  2. This may sound crazy, but every time I read a post I feel like I am part of this adventure and I find that my emotions are running high. Physically I would never be able to keep up with all of the hiking much less the biking, but I do imagine what it would be like. Enjoy, have fun, and keep the faith!

  3. I love your blogs. Reading about your adventures always makes me smile. Happy trails, be safe and thanks for sharing your experiences! I know you guys are having a blast!

  4. Safe and fun travels! Stop by Coos Bay and visit the VW dealer — we spent several nights in the parking lot while they repaired our faithful home — the tan Volkswagen. Do you remember those days??

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