Sara Marie

Sara Marie staring at you!

Sara Marie staring at you!

Well we did it!

After almost two long years without a furry friend, we were lucky to find this sweet puggle at the Whitmore Animal Shelter.  We had been looking at local and San Diego animal shelters on line for months.  We visited Whitmore four times.  The first time we thought she was cute but trouble.  She would bark, spaz out, and jump four feet off the ground.  She also sheds a lot and stares at you.

Our next visit, there was a beautiful 4 month old hound puppy that we fell in love with, but she wasn’t up for adoption yet because they had to wait to see if the owner was going to claim her and her supposed mother.  And of course Sara was still there staring at us.

Our 3rd visit, we found out the hound was going to be available for adoption soon.  Sara was still there, and she was really staring at me! When we went into the office, she was still staring at me through her kennel and the office door with the glass window.  The staring was starting to be more than I could handle.

Our 4th visit, we decided to get the lovable hound. That damn Sara was still staring at me!  So we asked to see her again. We watched the hound and her play together.  They got along great.

We asked some more questions about Sara’s background.  She was a stray in Walker.  She hung out at Walker Burger to get fed.  She had been at Bridgeport Animal Shelter for 2 plus weeks and at Whitmore for over 3 weeks.  Age somewhere around two years old, and she had been fixed.  And she was still staring at me!

We filled out the paperwork for both dogs.  Thank god the animal shelter has a “24 hour think about it” policy!  After much debate and loss of sleep we came to our senses.  Two dogs, one a tall hound puppy, would be too much in the 600 square foot love shack, not to mention the Airstream.

We felt bad because we told the shelter we wanted the hound, but she was adopted the next day.

Sara has been with us 8 days now.  Unlike Jack and Sugar she absolutely loves riding in the car! I’ve only heard her bark once, she sleeps in her own bed and hasn’t had a single accident in the condo. She’s an interesting little thing.

She definitely has some Beagle traits, like a nose that won’t stop sniffing and being an escape artist.  On one of her first days at Whitmore she dug a hole under the fence and ran all the way to the green church at the 395.  Luckily a garbage truck on its way to the landfill stopped, picked her up, and brought her back to the shelter.

She’s sweet as can be and loves to melt your heart by staring at you.  We can’t believe our good luck finding such a special little girl.

Sara Marie and her master, Amy Marie.

Sara Marie and her master, Amy Marie.

She's actually kind of ugly but cute, if that makes sense.

She’s actually kind of ugly but cute, if that makes sense.

Afternoon nap.

Afternoon nap.


Sara helping me with work.

Sara helping me with work.





14 thoughts on “Sara Marie

  1. Ohhh, so cute! She’s got big eyes! She could stare you into doing anything! You did scare us though – thought you got two dogs! She looks perfect for you two. Can’t wait to meet her someday (hopefully sooner rather than later :).

    Miss you!! Hear you’re hosting at Mammoth. I bet you’ve made many friends already. We might be up at June right after xmas – if so hope you’re around for a snowshoe or bite/beer!

    Have a wonderful Turkey day 🙂


  2. How very precious. You three are very lucky to have found each other. Hope to meet her the next time you are in SD.



  3. Love the name, but most of all love the connection between her and the two of you. Always remember that she chose you first, and she has great taste

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