Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants

The day we left a year ago on this grand adventure, June 30th, we were right back where we started from, San Diego. But just to take care of a few things like warranty service on the Airstream, visit family, build a new bike for Amelia, celebrate some birthdays, and spend time with our valuable friends that we miss dearly. I moved to SD in 1974 and Amelia was born and raised in SD. San Diego is in our blood. I reckon it will always be home.

We have been truly blessed to spend the year in Mammoth Lakes and on the road. I can’t thank Xperience Marketing and Gold Coast Packing enough for allowing me to work remotely. The year has been a blur; I know it’s a cliché, but time really does fly.

When discussing this blog entry together, learning curve was the common theme. Then again, isn’t life just one big learning curve?

Here are a few of the things from the last year we’ve learned and found interesting:

Recycling…it was so trippy and disturbing to Amelia that everyone doesn’t recycle. At least all the National Parks recycle.

Walmart…never dreamed we would spend a night in the parking lot, yet alone on Easter Sunday.

Grocery shopping outside of SoCal…wow, what a shock. You just take for granted all the fresh veggies and fruit that are available in SoCal. The further away you get the worse it is, even Mammoth is awful. It’s a double whammy, quality goes down, price goes up. What was once just a weekly chore, going to Sprouts to shop, is now an exciting event when back in SD.

Regional brewers…we have sampled some great beers. It’s fascinating to go into a store and see a half dozen or more breweries you’ve never heard of on the shelf. The best one may have been Odell, out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

My God, the Europeans love visiting the USA. I would guess a higher percentage of Europeans have visited USA, than Americans have visited Europe. It’s just an uneducated guess. It may have something to do with all the vacation time they get.

Vacationing and living are two different things. And working from the road is not as easy as it sounds.

Boon docking is awesome.

You meet some interesting folk on the road. Everyone has a story and most folks are kind and helpful, maybe there is hope for mankind.

There’s one feller we met in Hurricane at the WillowWind RV Park who is no doubt still telling all his buddies the story about when he met us, Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants. He was a nice enough guy from Utah originally, but now living outside of Phoenix. English was his native tongue, but his dialect was unique. He spoke a real strange version of what we speak everyday. He also was carrying around a 90 pound bag of Portland Cement above his waist line. He told me he was 58, but could have easily passed for 70. He was traveling with the Mrs. and three dogs and was very excited about seeing his grandchildren who lived in Hurricane. He has been vacationing in trailers his whole life. Even if you didn’t want to know something about trailers, he would tell you.

So we were getting ready to pull out, and he was observing us like a hawk. We have always had problems taking the hose off the Airstream that is connected to the city water. Same thing this time, so we get the pair of pliers out, just like the last time. Our buddy asked if we needed help as we were struggling with the hose, and struggling with him watching us have problems. We told him for some reason it always happens, but we’d get it off. He asked if we turned the water off, I looked at him like, really?  Boy, this guy must think we are dumb. Then he asked us if we drained the lines to release the pressure. What? He said that was the problem. Sure as shit, that was the problem. The hose came right off, no pliers needed! He was looking at us, and no doubt thinking, Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants in their shiny new Airstream trailer.

So then for the next few days we were laughing at ourselves and telling stories of what our buddy was saying to all of his friends about us, Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants and their shiny new Airstream trailer.

Things like…they had matching fancy bikes with no gears. She was drinking Chai Tea every morning and he was hand grinding his coffee beans. At night, I saw them drinking red wine and eating cheese. Of course, they had an Orange County Airstream license plate frame. They had a fancy designer dog that they called a puggle. A gas grill isn’t good enough for them, instead they had to have a charcoal barbecue. You should have seen the hoity toity special lawn chairs from France. Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants have a solar panel. They have two TVs and never use either of them. He claimed he was a consultant and she didn’t work.  I saw him drinking a fancy IPA in a 22oz bottle. She rolled out a yoga mat every morning and did some strange stretches. They had wild flowers in a little vase on their dining table.  And on and on and on we went.

Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants

Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants

Happy Independence Day everyone and R.I.P. Tony Gwynn.







19 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Fancy Pants

  1. If you’re still in town I’m running a beer garden at Webb Park in RB on the 4th from 11- 3 so stop by. Greg the elder

  2. Good stuff Greg and Amy! love the insights of your travels. Greg, Odell brewing co is one of my favorites too, it is one of the many great breweries that Cat’s company distributes here in Idaho. Cutthroat porter is my favorite and 90 schilling is a fine Scottish ale, their IPA is outstanding as is their double IPA ,Myrcenary. Safe Travels to you.

  3. Nice and funny blog Mr. and Mrs Fancy Pants. That fellow you met in Hurricane fits the old saying it takes all kinds which you probably have never  heard of.

  4. Next time you are in town don’t be afraid to call.

    You kicked my boy home, thanks a lot.

    I promise I won’t bite. After all my bark is much worse.

    Happy 4th…   Mike Scozzafava (858) 231-2461

    • I got some bum info. I thought we were all having dinner on Tuesday night, but I guess it was really yesterday?

  5. reading all of this literally just made my day!!!! It was really great seeing you guys :)) enjoyed it so much!

  6. I love reading your blog! I miss you both so much. If you ever manage to make it out to the South (Kentucky in particular), PLEASE let me know. Happy 4th!

  7. Happy 4th! Looking good, having fun, & picking up tips to travel must be a crazy, fun way to spend the year. What great memories! Like the name, Fancy Pants! Maybe some of your style will rub off on the “grubby pants”!

  8. I am a little slow..just found this blog gem in the archives….
    Not to nag or anything, but by golly I will make an appointment for a tour of the Odell’s Brewing company (and New Belgium, and you will have to stay a while to drop into the fourteen or so other little breweries, cider houses and distilleries, all walking distance in our little downtown) and you will visit us here!!!!!!! I know, it is a long way off from your current range. Maybe the next round of explorations will get you out this way.

  9. I’m just catching up on my e-mails and always get a laugh or two or three when reading your blog! love you guys!

  10. Hi guys, aka Mr.and Mrs Fancy Pants. I know I am a little behind in reading your blog, but I got to it and so happy I did. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. I love the way you did the whole dialogue of the the other guy must have said after you guys left. But most of all I love how you can laugh at yourselves. It takes special people to be able to do that. Thanks again for sharing your lives with me.

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