Sara and the baby rattlesnake

I won’t leave you in suspense, Sara is alive.  But boy oh boy, I was scared.  She is never outside without supervision.  Usually the slider is open and we keep an eye on her, and that’s only mid morning to mid afternoon.  She’s never out morning or evening unless someone is outside with her.  The coyotes are thick.  Two dogs have been pulled through the wrought iron fence by coyotes in our neighborhood.  One didn’t survive and the other was rescued.  Our neighbor jumped over the fence, scared the shit out of the coyote and the coyote dropped their little dog, Sascha.

At first I didn’t realize she got bit, the dang Puggle never makes a noise.  I thought I got her out of harm’s way.  The rattler was on our mat outside of the sliding glass door in our kitchen.  Sara spotted it and was getting ready to play with it.  I scooped her up and jumped over the rattler, put her leash on, attached it to the door handle leading to the garage, and put her in the garage.

Adrenaline was pumping through my veins.  I grabbed the shovel and killed the rattler, then took a picture and tossed it in the garbage.  I texted the pic to Amelia and our neighbor.  Then went to the garage to get Sara and bring her out to the blood.  She was acting strange, really subdued, and not right.  That’s when I noticed the blood on her nose, that damn rattler bit her!

The rest was a complete blur. We hauled ass to the vet’s.  I ran in with her in my arms, looking like a madman.  They immediately responded like the emergency it was.  One of the girls finally comes out to tell me she’s progressing well.  Half an hour later, the vet comes out and says, “Hey I recognize you, you’re the Fins guy!  Sara is going to be fine, it’s just going to be a little longer until the IV drips all the Antivenin into her.”  Then the vet comes back and shows me his Fins comeback cup.  “I use this all the time, and tell everyone that these were the best fish tacos ever.”

It was like some crazy surreal dream.  Tonight we were going to drive to Yuma to start our Thanksgiving trip, but not now.  It doesn’t matter, our girl is alive, we can head out tomorrow or even Sunday.  We’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow.

Remember, it’s not polite to ask how much it cost…



Caged, IV'd, drugged, but alive.

Caged, IV’d, drugged, but alive.

Swollen face, you can really tell between her eyes.

Swollen face, you can really tell between her eyes.

Finally sleeping.

Finally sleeping.

9 thoughts on “Sara and the baby rattlesnake

  1. Holly crap what a scare! Greg, I’m so glad you were home to take Sara to the vet, she’s one lucky pup.
    Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Hugs and kisses to Sara from her b/f Oz 💜🐶. Hugs and kisses to her awesome parents too! 😗 ox

  2. Wow! What a heart thumping, belly clenching, mind freaking ordeal. Hurray for happy endings! Wish I was there to give you (all 3), hugs!

  3. Great writing Greg. I am glad you were alert and able to save Sara.
    Last Christmas Coco, our grand puppy, climbed on my chair and knocked off a box of chocolate candy and had eaten most of the box before we saw her. We knew that much chocolate is sometimes fatal.
    We called the poison control center and they were able to walk us through the remedy and she was ok.
    Have a happy holiday,
    Uncle Butch

  4. That must have been so scary! I cannot imagine! Has Sara had the rattle snake shot? I never heard of it two years ago and Javier has received one annually since. I guess it doesn’t save their lives but gives you more time to save them.

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