♥ Hurricane, Utah


Wallflower on the cliff edge of Little Creek Mesa.


Small group this year, only our friend Marlene made it out.  She left from San Diego at the same time we left from Peggy Sue’s, so we had a 160 mile head start,  yet she arrived at WillowWind RV park at the exact same time as us.  (Yes, she drives fast!)

Tradition is to hit Church Rocks the first evening, then dinner, typically the mexican joint in town, but we had to hit the Pizza Wagon, since they are only open Thursday – Saturday. And we arrived on Saturday.  As an old restauranteur, I’m fascinated by this place.  Open 12-8pm, three days a week. This is the third time I’ve blog’d about them.

We had a great ride at Church Rocks, and arrived at the Pizza Wagon at 7:20pm.  I could not believe it! No one was there, how lucky!  We hemmed and hawed at the menu, decided we should all get our own pie, and then have leftovers for breakfast.  And then the owner approached us, “I’m sorry, this is going to sound weird, but I can only cook one pizza for you. If you want three it’ll be two hours. We have our next wave coming in at 7:30pm.  They all came at 5:30pm to place their orders.”  “What?” we said kind of stunned. “I can do a half/half if that’ll help you decide.”  So, excited to get anything, we ordered a half Italian Cowboy, half pepperoni. Seven minutes later our pie was done, and the 7:30pm people were flocking in to wait for theirs.


Prices have gone up a dollar, but still really cheap for a 14 inch pizza.


The owner cooking our pizza.


When he says fresh basil, he’s not kidding!


Half Italian Cowboy, half pepperoni. Of course I couldn’t wait and had a slice before taking the picture.

We’ve been to Hurricane numerous years in a row, yet I still trip out when seeing the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints ladies.  What are they thinking?  I feel sad when I see the young girls in prairie dresses and strange hairdos, who’ll no doubt become a plural wife at fifteen.  And something is strange seeing them with iPhones, what a disconnect.  I just don’t get it.

The mountain bike riding here is fantastic.  I don’t have any hard facts handy to back it up, but I’m certain this place is becoming more and more popular.



Marlene and Amelia,  “the girls” shralping the orange red dirt at Church Rocks.


Beautiful, and so different from Gooseberry.


Amelia on Prospector Trail.


Up close look at the Gooseberry slick rock.


The girls at Gooseberry.


To make a long technical story short, I did not have a good time at Gooseberry. My chain kept slipping off while charging the steep uphills. It’s a good way to bust a nut and really hurt yourself.


WillowWind RV Park.  It’s like being in a forest of fruitless Mulberry trees. They were all getting their foliage back and dropping fluffy caterpillar looking things full of pollen.


WillowWind sunset.


Little Creek Mesa, Great form and technique


by the girls.


Happy Holidays! Here’s your 2016 Christmas card.


The girls on Holy Guacamole trail. It was a blustery day.


The girls on Guacamole Trail.

Good bye Hurricane. I’m sure we will see you again soon!




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