Sedona, Easter Weekend 2016


Basin Bladderpod.


As expected, Easter weekend was crowded.  But that’s life on a teacher’s schedule.  The easiest thing in the world to do is complain.  Everyone does it.  It was ridiculous back when I was working in an office environment.  I’ve never heard so much bitching and moaning about absolutely nothing.  Make the most of everyday, plan and be smart.  Of course, it’s nice to have connections and not get too caught up in all the commotion that’s Sedona on Easter vacation.  It definitely alleviates the stress normally associated with crowds.

Sedona is a true distination.  This place would be worth visiting even if there wasn’t world class mountain biking.  Living out in the burbs of San Diego, it’s not often we get down to where all the tourists hang out.  I’m not typically a big fan of tourists (or people in general), but it was refreshing to see so many Euros in Sedona.  They are always so upbeat.  It’s easy to spot them in street clothes, because they dress nothing like us.  But the tell-tale sign in biking attire is their pasty white skin!  I wasn’t going to be rude and take pictures of them so you’ll have to visualize it for yourself.



Our gracious hosts. Karen and Mark, ex-San Diegans that fit in perfectly in Sedona.


Shredding the red.


Spring has definitely sprung in Sedona.  Flowers everywhere, we should’ve really taken more photos.  Here’s a field of stinking chamomile, running fleabane, and southwestern mock vervain.


Amelia on Broken Arrow Trail.


SingleSpeed Soul. A great poster Mark had in his garage.


Bell Rock.


Ugh…the pink jeeps.


I’ve been telling Amelia selfies are yesterday’s news. In the background two 55 year old singlespeeders. One with hair, one without.


Purple Owl’s Clover. We saw fields of this beautiful flower.


Sara has a boyfriend in Sedona, Finn. She always goes for the big guys.


This dude is everywhere, yet always here.


Al’s Oasis. A very exclusive, Airstream only, two site spot. Nestled in a quiet area of Village of Oak Creek. Thank you Al!


What in the name of Mahatma Gandhi is going on here?


Courthouse Butte.


One of these two is a bad influence, and it’s not me!


There’s no denying it, Sedona is beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Sedona, Easter Weekend 2016

  1. Wow, Looks like fun to me, I thought maybe you guys had dried up and blown away. Good to see you having fun, and yes I wish I was there.



  2. I remembering shredding the red too! Good ride and good blog account! You may have been in one of ’em Sedona “Vortex’s” I also got sucked up in too!

  3. Im so bummed I couldn’t meet you in Sedona! Mark and Karen were some of the first people to hold Mattie Marlene! They were definitely the only strangers to ever hold her! They are great people, and I’m glad they were there to host you.

  4. I had know idea you knew each other!? And here I was thinking how much you would enjoy them if you had to chance to meet!

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