Dark Daze



Finally, the long nightmare called presidential election is over.  If it seemed like it went on forever, it’s because it did, 597 days by most counts.  They say hope springs eternal, however a leopard can’t change its spots.  So the real nightmare may just be beginning.

That’s enough political stuff.  San Diego County is amazing!  Crowded, yet not.  I can go on a great bike ride, midday midweek and not see a soul.  We have the ocean, beaches, breweries, canyons, valleys, rolling hills, mountains, and desert.  All within the boundaries of the county.

The last two days we were in Agua Caliente.  85 miles and less than two hours from home.  We didn’t even have to get on a freeway.  It’s a fabulous quick escape.  As I wrote about on our last visit, it’s refreshing in this constantly plugged in world to spend a few days at a place without any cell reception.

Kudos to County of San Diego Parks and Recreation for the fine job of running and maintaining Agua Caliente Campground.


Getting ready to enjoy the last light of the day.


Serene beautiful morning.


California quail.


White-winged dove.


“It’s 8:30am, but there’s two of us, we’ll be alright.”


This is the “we are lost” look.  And yes we were.  The directions always sound easy when reading the book. .7 miles on Moonlight Canyon Trail, then go right up a small canyon, then left in .1 mile, then left again, through a sandy wash, and then through a boulder field, keep going, and you’ll see the Inner Pasture.  Once we got off Moonlight Canyon trail there was no trail.  So we started following the occasional footprint where there was sand.  Whomever’s footprints we were following, were also lost!  We finally corrected course.  Total mileage 5.3 miles, almost 1,200 ft elevation gain, and 3 hours wandering around.


And here’s your proof of recent mountain lion activity. The lower jaw of a deer, so fresh there was still hair in front of the incisors.


I believe this is a Desert Ironwood Tree?


Looking down on Inner Pasture. In the far background on the right is Monument Peak,     6272 ft in the Laguna Mountains.


Amelia relaxing after getting to the view of the Inner Pasture.


The afternoon lighting is fabulous this time of the year.


La Reina de Agua Caliente.


A Queen Butterfly on a Desert Lavender Bush.


Beautiful sunrise holding the promise of a new day.

9 thoughts on “Dark Daze

  1. Oh Greg…you had to make a political comment!! Just know that whatever happens in our future, God loves us all equally, you, me, and Donald, and Hillary. There is no need for fear if your trust is in the right One.

  2. Hey, Thanks for the great post, never fail to do an interesting report with lots of great pictures, Very interesting trip. OMB


  3. Thanks for the sunrise photo…because we all need to hope for the best. With nature and puppies, surely everything will turn out cool. 🙂

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