Airstreaming Arizona: December 26, 2016 – January 1, 2017


Saguaro, pronounced Sa-WAH-ro. Native to the Sonoran Desert and just plain ol’ cool.


We spent a wonderful week in Arizona.  Our friends Georgie, Sara’s boyfriend, Diego, and Greg, or as we affectionally call him Old Man Birch (OMB) were able to join us.  They came out in their truck & camper.  It’s always fun to share the road and adventure with friends.  We stayed in three different spots: Yuma, Catalina State Park, and Picacho Peak State Park.

Like most places in Arizona, Yuma is hotter than Hades in the summer, but habitable in the winter.  The snowbirds love it there.  The population swells by 100,000 during the winter.  The retirees flock in, mostly in RVs, and take up residence in the many RV Parks.  The only time we ever shop at Walmart is when we spend the night in their lot.  It only seems right to spend a little money since they allowed us to stay overnight for free.  The Walmart where we stayed in Yuma had a greeter who was a snowbird from Minnesota and the guy who helped me in the RV/camping department was from Michigan.  He always winters in Yuma.  Both of these guys were easily in their mid 70s and happy to not be in the snow.

Catalina State Park gives you a lot of elbow room.  The space between sites was almost like boondocking in a popular area, but with electricity and water!  There’s a time for boondocking and a time for being hooked up.  The dead of winter, cold weather, and anything above 90 degrees warrants a hook up.  Two years ago we were here and it was stupid cold and we were dumb, staying at a site without electricity.  Lesson learned.  This state park and Picacho Peak both include hot showers with the price.  No hoarding quarters to feed into a slot for a timed shower.  It’s kind of strange having unlimited water usage in the desert, but I guiltily enjoyed it.  Amelia, she enjoys showering in the Airstream.  One more tidbit about Catalina, people from Salida, Colorado love it.  Both of our trips here we’ve ran into people from that small town.

Picacho Peak State Park is right off the I-10.  It’s between nowhere and nothing.  It’s a nice campground, but really just a one or two night max stop.  If you are fit, limber, agile, and not afraid of heights it’s definitely worth the stop, if for nothing else, to hike to the peak.  That’ll be the next post!


There’s three Walmarts in Yuma.  The best one to stay at is off of exit 9.  We landed a choice spot.



Birders are kind of a goofy bunch.  I’m a birder.  Georgie and I went on a guided group birdwatch our first morning in Catalina.  I added three birds to my life list.  Gila Woodpecker, Pyrrhuloxia, and Rufous-winged Sparrow.  Birds 313, 314, & 315.  According to our guide some birders fly in from all over and pay top dollar to see a Rufous-wing.


Our Catalina State Park site.



Amelia, Georgie, and a big old saguaro.


Beautiful sunset in Catalina State Park.  Some followers will get a kick out of my sweatshirt.


It was one of those sunsets that just kept giving.


Winter equals those dreaded short days and dark nights.


And playing games to pass time in the evening.  This a a crazy game called Suspend.


Awesome sunrise at Catalina.


Can you see OMB and Diego?


Upclose shot of a rock in the Montrose pools.


Montrose pools.


Reflecting upon 2016.


Our Picacho Peak State Park site.  I’m declaring us officially proficient at backing in.  Amelia does the driving and I hardly have to guide.  We were giddy like a couple of teenagers when she wheeled it right into the spot.


The view of Picacho Peak while heading east on I-10.


Evening pic of Picacho Peak from our campsite.


Our last evening at Picacho we experienced a heavy downpour.  Rain in the desert is a beautiful thing!

7 thoughts on “Airstreaming Arizona: December 26, 2016 – January 1, 2017

  1. Thanks for the great time, as usual. you are above and beyond the host and hostess with the mostest.
    The picture of the rocks is the pond area was flat out gorgeous, the others, of course, pretty too. As usual your writing is DaKine.

    Once again, a day late and a dollar short,

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