Borrego Super Bloom: March 10-12, 2017


A colorful carpet at dawn.


The hype on the much anticipated Borrego Super Bloom hit overdrive about a week ago.  The New York Times, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, social media, various media outlets across the country, and of course our local rag and TV stations were selling the H eee double toothpicks out of the story.  I’m here to tell you, it lived up to the hype.  I could go on and on with adjectives trying to describe the scene, but mind-boggling is probably the best description.  As beautiful as these pictures are, it doesn’t even compare to seeing it in person.  The immensity is amazing, add in the fragrance and your senses are overwhelmed.

Amelia’s friends were out there a couple of days before us and gave her a heads up on the crowds.  They said there were even big tour busses dropping people off.  Her friends were out viewing flowers before sunrise to beat the heat and crowds.  The early bird gets the worm, so we too went out early.

All the media hype came to a head on Sunday with the biggest crowd ever to hit the small town of Borrego Springs.  For those of you that don’t know the town, it might have a population of 3,000,  there are no stop lights, not a one, only a traffic circle, Christmas Circle.  The poor little town was completely inundated with traffic and people.  As we were leaving town mid morning on Sunday there was a bumper to bumper traffic jam coming all the way down Montezuma grade into Borrego Springs.  We were super glad to be leaving and not arriving.  What a crowd scene!  Yet it still took us twice as long to get home.



Henderson Canyon Road right after sunrise.


Arizona Lupine with Dune Evening Primrose, Desert Sand Verbena, False Mustard, Popcorn Flower, and Desert Sunflower mixed in.


Mostly Brown-eyed Evening Primroses with Desert Sand Verbena and Popcorn Flower .


Desert Sand Verbena and Dune Evening Primrose.


Spectacle Pod.


Dune Evening Primrose.


Our boondock site. R’s Apex, Birch’s camper, and the mothership in the middle.


Bigelow’s Monkey Flower.


Booth’s Evening Primrose.


Tiny Checkerspot Butterfly.


Gold Poppies.


Wild Canterbury Bells.


Desert Wishbone Bush.


Beavertail Cactus.


Freemont’s Pincushion & Desert Dandelions.


Georgie, OMB, R, Amelia, Diego, and Sara.  Post nap, beating the heat, chewing the fat, while waiting for the evening excursion.


Two Gregs under a full moon.


Three young hippie chicks and a dude were dry camping at Arroyo Salado out of this rig.


Just beautiful.


Desert Lily.


Henderson Canyon Road early Sunday morning.  Look at all the people in the field of Desert Sunflowers.  This was before it got crowded.


Sunday morning gridlock in Borrego Springs.  We’ve never seen cars parked aong this road.


Eight miles of bumper to bumper traffic down Montezuma Grade.  This never happens.


Loving the Gold Poppies!


Happy Day Light Savings Time everyone!

8 thoughts on “Borrego Super Bloom: March 10-12, 2017

  1. So incredibly awesome, happy you got to be there this week. WOW, it looks so beautiful. If pictures could capture it then no one would travel, but thank you for sharing while I can’t travel the blog is the next best outlet. Thank you!

  2. So, just getting caught up on the blogs. You guys got a lot of great pics. I was one of those crazies that arrived on Sunday with some friends…what a zoo in town! I couldn’t believe it. As we were driving around, I kept looking for your rig and saw several Airstreams. I knew you were out there somewhere! It took us almost two hours to get home that Sunday, but it was well worth it.

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