Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nevada: March 26-29, 2018


Bootleg Canyon Welcomes You


Our second stop, Bootleg Canyon.  File this under glad we went, but we probably won’t be back.  It’s just not really our type of riding.  Amelia found it to be unforgiving, not flowy, and somewhat intimidating.  It seemed to me like a place where mountain biking trails shouldn’t exist.  It was quite different from any other place we’ve been.  I did get the quote of the trip from a maintenance guy in the RV park.  He was probably my age but looked a lot older, and his riding days were over at least 10 years ago.  When I was inquiring about the trails he said, “There’s no soft rocks up there.”

We spent 3 nights at Canyon Trail RV Park.  We picked it because you can ride from the park to the trails.  It was a really nice RV park, as far as RV parks go.  There was only the occasional waif of cigarette smoke.  And Boulder City is not Vegas, so that’s a plus in its column.

Sorry no pictures of the Hoover dam.  If you haven’t taken the tour of it, you should, it’s quite fascinating.  We did it a couple of decades ago.



Out yonder in those mountains are the trails of Bootleg Canyon


Amelia monkeying around, I told her remember you’re 50 now, so don’t hurt yourself!


Mother trail, typical of the lower trails


Issue on day one.  The short story is Amelia had to walk her bike out a half mile.


Day two: white caps on Lake Mead, 40 mph gusts


Brittlebush and a dark blue Lake Mead in the background


Silverleaf Sunray


Beavertail cactus flowers


Sara’s favorite spot  #catdog


Our neighbor in the RV park.  Customized construction trailer with sweet graphics.  Old man winter on the left mountain.


Day three, a little elbow room since the neighbors vacated.  The wind finally died and the day was quite enjoyable, too bad the first two days were like being in a wind tunnel.


The exit from the RV park to head up to the trails.  I love the rubber ducky.


A view of Mt. Charleston and Sin City from the Caldera trail


Lake Mead view from Lower Lake View trail


It’s not all fun and games!


Awesome manhole cover

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