Cedar Breaks National Monument: June 17-19, 2018


Point Supreme 10,350 feet


Cedar Breaks lived up to our expectations.  It was uncrowded and both the scenery and high altitude were breathtaking.  We did a four mile hike to Ramparts Overlook.  There was no doubt we were no longer at sea level.  Everyone knows Amelia loves flowers, and there were flowers galore.  We were told it was still early flower season and in 2-3 weeks it would really be going off.

Unknown to us, but a known issue to Dometic, their refrigerators do not work well while on propane at high elevation.  Every few hours the flame would go out.  I guess it was a good thing this was only a two night stop.

We are off to the Park City area for some mountain biking!



Sitting pretty and getting plenty of afternoon sun for the solar panel


The meadow across from our campsite. The Spruce Bark Beetle has killed thousands of trees.


Definitely dangerous, but it’s nice not having everything fenced in.


Aspen Bluebells, these were everywhere.


Colorado Columbine





Silvery Lupine



Yellow bellied marmot enjoying the morning sun


One tough tree, Ancient Bristlecone Pine


Parry’s Primrose


Ramparts Overlook


I couldn’t identify this one.


Lanceleaf stonecrop


Cushion Phlox


Free range puggle at Lake Panguitch


Creeping Barberry



Three mile dirt road to the summit.  The Civilian Conservation Corps was a pretty amazing public work relief program.


Brian Head Peak looking down on the Cedar Breaks amphitheater




7 thoughts on “Cedar Breaks National Monument: June 17-19, 2018

  1. Yup, our Dometic fridge does the same thing when we’re parked anywhere around 10,000 feet. Super annoying in the middle of the night when you have to listen to it click on and off. I read that you can somehow adjust the propane flow, but it sounds like more trouble than it’s worth because eventually we always go back down in elevation. Cedar Breaks looks gorgeous. We tried to visit last fall but it was too cold in October.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos!! Scenery is breathtaking and LOVE the flowers!!
    Keep enjoying!!! 🌻🌻🌻 Julia

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