Jordanelle State Park, Utah: June 19-25, 2018


Every afternoon big puffy clouds would come in.


Interstate 15 in Utah has always been and still is a death alley for deer.  You can hardly go 20 minutes without seeing a huge blood splatter on the road and clumps of deer hair.  Then if you look over to the shoulder you’ll see a mangled dead deer.

Jordanelle State Park is located between Heber City and Park City.  Thanks to a pro tip from  Watsons Wander we booked site #44.  It felt luxurious to spend six nights at one spot with a great lake view and more space than some crowded boondock spots.  We had perfect breezy weather with occasional afternoon gusts and never hot.  An added bonus, the free showers had water pressure so strong you didn’t even need soap.  It would blast the dirt and two layers of skin right off of you.

Some communities thrive and grow, others stagnate and die slow deaths.  Park City is the former.  Granted it’s been 25 years since I’ve been here, but I didn’t recognize it at all.  It is now sprawling with a hoity toity upscale resort vibe.  While Heber City reminded me of Bishop.

The mountain biking is stellar, and lucky us, our friend Joy lives here.  She guided us on two rides, Wasatch Crest and some Mid Mountain Park City stuff.  On the other three rides we did she supplied us with great intel and detailed directions.  And as if all of that wasn’t enough, she invited us to a dinner party at her house.  Her husband Tim did a terrific job grilling for nine people.  It was a very nice evening of dining and socializing.

There were even more flowers here than Cedar Breaks.   Amelia and Sara were having a hard time with it not getting dark until 9:30pm.  The problem I was having with the extra daylight was it seemed like I should have one more beer, so I did!



Coexist, now that’s an idea.


Amelia hike-a-biking to the top of Puke Hill on the Wasatch Crest, just shy of 10,000 feet.


Wasatch Crest Trail


A Swallowtail and a Brushfoots butterfly


Loving her summer vacation


I couldn’t identify this one, but didn’t want to leave it out since it was so Dr. Seuss.


Richardson’s Geranium


Wasatch Beardtongue


Prairie Flax




Green Gentian: it can get up to six feet tall and live multiple years, but dies once it blooms.


Sticky Starwort


Finally a decent sunset


We did a little hike in the Pinebrook area up to this memorial ski lift bench.


I brought a little San Diego with us since Utah has such asinine liquor laws.


If this is what you’d imagined riding in Park City looks like, then you are correct!


Kudos for the awesome trail system!


Joy and Amelia

10 thoughts on “Jordanelle State Park, Utah: June 19-25, 2018

  1. yes, I regret not rallying and meeting you there. Tony’s plans changed and he did not leave Monday for another trip so it would have been fine. Next. Time!!

    • I almost did but I’m still scarred from the scene and I didn’t want to be derogatory. I did have a great coffee ice cream shake 😋

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