Sun Valley: July 1-6, 2018



Our best boondock spot yet


Boy oh boy did we stumble upon an awesome spot.  It’s so good we can’t tell you where it is, except that it’s in the Sun Valley area. 🙂  We had done our due diligence, researched boondock sites for the area, got on google earth to get a clear picture, and defined our top four spots.  The spot we landed on we didn’t even know about, but a fellow traveler, who took our first spot, told us about it.  While on the road, for the most part, it’s refreshing how good natured and kind hearted most people are.  The same thing happened to us at the Valley of the Gods, so we naturally try to do the same, we’ll tell you in person about this site, but we are not going to send it out on the world wide web.

Again we shared the enjoyment of friends, Doña, originally from San Diego, now living in Boise, came out to visit for a couple of days.  And Acomb and his girl Lynn, flew out from SoCal to spend his birthday with us.

As for the mountain biking, there’s a crazy amount of steep climbs, breathtaking views,  well marked trails, and a lot of gulches.  And we had a couple of cold mornings for July, cold like 28 degrees outside and 43 degrees in the Airstream!  And lucky Amelia, she saw a Pileated Woodpecker.  The biggest woodpecker we have in North America.



One of the best signs ever.  This was behind Castle’s Corner Exxon Station in Carey, Idaho.


Someone looks happy on her first ride in the Sun Valley area, Fox Creek.


Evening pic of our awesome spot.  The sunset was around 9:30pm and it would be light until 10pm.  Because of the steep mountains around us we would be in the shade at 7:30pm.


This deer seemed oblivious to us, walking around outside of our dining room window.


Adams Gulch ride, right from the get go it was climb, climb, climb.


Doña & Amelia.  I don’t know if it’s true or not but rumor has it they were the first women mountain bikers in San Diego.


A view of Sun Valley Ski Resort from the White Cloud Trail


Loving our public lands



Our spot was way, way down in this valley.


Amelia on the Grinder Trail in Galena.


Senate Meadows, Galena



The creek below our spot, I can’t name it because that would give away our spot.


116 years between us and a lot of stories


Lynn and Amelia, spring chickens compared to their old men


You can take the girl out of Clairemont, but you can’t take the school crossing guard out of the girl.  True story, Amelia was on safety patrol at Longfellow Elementary in Clairemont.  Ketchum has flags at many of the crosswalks, so we were all having fun.  Some of the rich folks in their fancy SUVs had no sense of humor.


Having fun


Amelia collects heart rocks, so we had to get a picture of Heart Rock Ranch

One thought on “Sun Valley: July 1-6, 2018

  1. It definitely felt like we were the first Mt. Biking chickies most of the time. I’ll send you a picture from ‘90: Noble Canyon. Susan in lead,me behind and trials rider/ moto cross AZ state champ(Dale E) pulling a wheelie as we climb. Notice the ‘80’s colors for the road riding outfits we wore.

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