Cold snowy Sedona: December 29, 2018 – New Year’s Day


New Year’s Eve


Of course we were tracking the weather.  MMRP was cold and we knew Sedona was going to be colder with a possibility of snow.  So when checking in to the Rancho Sedona RV Park we changed our reservations to three nights instead of five.

They say Sedona occasionally gets a dusting of snow, then it quickly melts. On Christmas Eve they got a few inches and five days later there were only small thin patches on some of the trails that never get sun this time of the year.  On New Year’s Eve day in six hours it snowed six inches!

New Year’s Day it was 12 degrees at 9am while we were laboring to get hitched up for various reasons, all related to it being 12 degrees with snow on the ground.  Finally we put the Tundra in four wheel drive and got out of that place.

Sedona is a beautiful area with a ton of great mountain biking, but boy oh boy is it ever crowded.  Too crowded for us.  But then again we always seem to be there on a holiday since we are on a teacher’s schedule.  One never knows, but we may not be back to Sedona until Amelia is retired and we can go mid week during the off season.

Once again, we had safe passage on the I-8!  Someone recently asked me if I use filters on the photos.  My response was, “What are you talking about?”



There were many Airstreams in the RV Park.  This old beat up one was my favorite.


Bundled up, cold, and wanting Vitamin D


Mescal Trail


Sara said, “F this!”  And hauled ass back to the Airstream after peeing.


Not exactly our idea of bike riding weather.


Century Plant


Prickly Pear Cactus


Amelia just had to make a snow angel…


…and a heart.


Amelia’s two Gregs


Rancho Sedona RV Park


Rock owls


Cold beautiful New Year’s Day sunrise


Taken through the passenger window while driving out of town


Swaths of Sand Verbena, Desert Sunflower in the foreground.  This was a spot on the I-8 between Dateland and Yuma .  We were lucky enough to be able to pull over and walk through the fields.  Four hours earlier we were freezing our you know what off in 12 degree weather.


Próspero Año Nuevo




12 thoughts on “Cold snowy Sedona: December 29, 2018 – New Year’s Day

  1. Great snow pics! Sounds like a real snowy airstream adventure. We been caught in the snow streaming. But never at 12°. I think 27° was a Low, and you guessed it, I was there one night near “4 Corners” and back on the road. We’re you worried about water lines freezing?

    We are on the Oregon coast then heading that way.

  2. Nice Blog. Good idea to wait until Amelia retires to go to Sedona again. Smart dog “Sara” running back to the RV. Loved the owls since I used to collect them. Amelia’s snow angel reminded me of you and Eric when we first moved to Idaho. You never saw snow in Sacramento. So you two got out in the snow and made snow angels.

    • That’s why we took the picture of the owls! I also remember you yelling at Eric and me to get in the house because we were embarrassing you.

  3. Wow, winter in Sadona! Beatuiful; very different from Sedona in the springtime and very funny from a southern Cal perspective! 6″ of snow in northern Michigan and we get on the cross country skies and do the trails! When Mare and I were in Sedona it was springtime (it was spring break, and also on another teacher’s schedule) it was also very crowded! But it had rained recently and on the ‘pink jeep’ tour our driver made a point of stopping to show us all the fauna that had come out of the cracks in the red rock.And the blossoms were just beautiful. It was amazing then, and now to see it with snow is even more so! Hope you didn’t miss the sun setting from the view up on the mesa near the airport!
    As always, enjoyed your blog. Thanks for bringing back such fun memories with my mom! Regards to Ruth! My mother says she is so very happy to see you enjoying life and sends you both her love!💝

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