R.I.P. Sara Marie: December 13, 2019


May 2019, looking very regal.


Our sweet little Puggle passed away on Friday, December 13th. The greater the joy they give you the more devastating the loss. We are devastated by her loss.  The words pet and dog don’t really do her justice.  She was a true companion and we will miss her dearly.  She will always be in our hearts and minds.

Most of our crying is over.  Now we are adjusting to not having her as part of our daily lives.  The house feels a lot different.  If the past is any indicator, it will probably be at least two years before we get another companion.  Time will tell.



February 2014, in her prime.



Easter Sunday 2017, free ranging in The Valley of the Gods.


April 2017, my happy girls.


July 2017, she loved vanilla soft serve.


The beagle in her enjoyed chasing lizards and digging.  When we knew the end was near we let her dig to her heart’s content.  It’s just dirt and plants.  The joy she experienced was worth it.


Of course we would have to bring her in to calm down before she stroked out. After about 15 minutes the panting would stop and she would be banging on the screen door to get back out to the digging.


New Years Eve 2018, Sedona.


She knew the moment the morning sun hit the front porch.  If you weren’t aware of it she would scratch at the door to tell you.


December 1, 2019. The chaise lounge was one of her favorite spots for the late afternoon sun.


Thanks to the Pug in her she snored, but it was a snore we found quite comforting, even in the middle of the night.


October 10, 2019, hoping she will get some ice cream and of course she did.


We love you Sara. Say hello to Jack, Sugar, and Sanchita. We will see you on the other side.