Navy Seals at Mt. Laguna: August 9-12, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 11.50.49 AM

A Navy Seal candidate in Mt. Laguna.  (Photo from the internet.) 

The Navy Seals do land navigation training at Mt. Laguna! Who knew? We certainly didn’t. It’s the third and final phase of Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal Training. While we were biking we kept seeing young men in full military fatigues with heavily loaded backpacks. One evening two of them were walking through the campground so I asked, “What’s up? What are you guys doing?”  His response was, “Land nav.” Amelia asked if it was fun. The first guy said, “No.” The second guy was dragging and didn’t say anything.  At this point we still didn’t know who these guys were.

We were also seeing super fit guys in dark blue t-shirts. They didn’t seem approachable, so we didn’t really ask them a bunch a questions. Later we found out they were the Seal instructors.

On our last day of riding there was a commotion in the meadow with a Sheriff’s helicopter. We couldn’t tell if it was a rescue or a training. The guy we were talking to while watching the helicopter was very knowledgeable, and we assumed he was just a hiker.  We told him about all the young guys doing land nav. He said yeah, he was one of the instructors. So naturally I asked why he wasn’t in a dark blue t-shirt like all the other guys. His response was, “It makes it too easy for them to see me.” He’s been a Seal for twenty years and answered all our questions. He was one of those guys you could easily talk to for hours. Our brief conversation was quite fascinating.



We are finally at the age where we have a twirly pinwheel! The Meadow loop of the Laguna Campground is very nice. The only downside is cell reception is sketchy at best.


Nail in the tire!  Buzzkill! It’s such an inconvenience. My muscle mass is definitely diminishing. It was like a wrestling match changing the tire. Nothing like driving around without a spare! At least it wasn’t on the Airstream.


Mt. Laguna Observatory, established in 1968, owned and operated by San Diego State University at 6,100 feet elevation.


Gorgeous afternoon, the meadow was about fifty yards from our campsite.


This cool guy was camping.


So were these two cool guys.


Prickly Poppy


Big Sagebrush, really, I’m not joking, that’s the name of the plant, Big Sagebrush.


We did the short hike up to Garnet Peak.


Amelia spotted a Horny Toad on the way up. This little guy was about three inches long.


Amelia at the summit. It’s only 5,900 feet, but the views are magnificent. We experienced it on a rare calm day. Usually it’s one of the windiest spots in San Diego County.

360 degree views


California Goldenrod



Mountain Mahogany


A midnight storm equals hero dirt the next morning! Tacky, not dusty, and the best dirt to ride on.


Helicopter commotion in the meadow


Dang! I was going to make a nice slow cooker chili. 😭


Adios Laguna Meadow

7 thoughts on “Navy Seals at Mt. Laguna: August 9-12, 2021

  1. Nice post. Excitement with Seals. Changing a tire is hard just accessing the spare. Had a slow leak last month but was close to Les Schwab in Sisters to get a repair. Great spot on a Horny Toad!

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