Three Words: February 23, 2023


San Diego County, that’s my three words. Last week we were frolicking through wildflowers and looking at rainbows in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Today, we were snowshoeing in Laguna Mountain Recreation Area. I never tire of extolling the virtues of San Diego County!

Last night our friend Quan texted Amelia, “It’s a long shot, but do you want to snowshoe tomorrow?”

Amelia’s response, “Ha! We just loaded the car, we are going!”

So we met Quan and her puppy at 7am at the trailhead. The early bird gets the worm!!

I know how much everyone enjoys the photos, so here’s a pictoral of the morning.




Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: President’s Weekend 2023


Desert Sand Verbena, feel free to download it and use as wallpaper on your device

I don’t know about the Harrises sometimes…granted it has been seven months since we’ve been out in the Airstream, but still! It was Wednesday night; we picked up Opal, that’s the Airstream’s name in case you didn’t know, and brought her home so we could load up for a Thursday afternoon departure. We had the inside completely loaded, including the refrigerator and freezer when I noticed the LP light on the refrigerator flashing. You’ve got to be kidding me! So I checked both propane tanks and sure as shit, they were empty. We grabbed the tanks and hauled ass to Costco Poway to get propane. That shot the evening’s dinner plan; instead it was a food court hot dog for the missus and a pep slice for me.

It still amazes me this is San Diego County! There are so many nice things about Anza-Borrego as well documented throughout the years in this blog. One of the cool things is we get more people staying or visiting us out there than we do at home. This trip our friend Donna was staying in Borrego Springs, so we spent Thursday evening and Friday with her. Our neighbors John and Monica drove out in his new Jeep for the day on Saturday. It was their first time, so we took them to the main tourist spots, Fonts Point and Coyote Canyon. It’s always enlightening to see something you know so well through a newbie’s eyes. On Sunday, my old buddy Needles rode his Harley out from his winter home in Indio.

The forecast held true: cold, as in the 30s, at night and morning. Nothing drains the batteries faster than the furnace. So it was a good thing we borrowed a friend’s generator. I’m now convinced there is a time and a place for a generator, but the noise still bugs the crap out of us.

It wasn’t a super bloom, but I would rank it as an above average bloom. The most abundant flowers were Desert Sand Verbena, Desert Sunflower, and Brown-eyed Primrose.

What a sight we saw one morning while driving. I wish we’d been able to take a pic. On the top of a telephone pole, two Turkey Vultures were mating or go ahead and insert your favorite synonym 😳.


Our new to us 2018 Tundra with only 23,000 miles and good old Opal


Graffiti or art? Someone took the time to etch Jesus into the bathroom mirror at Los Jilbertos Taco Shop in Borrego Springs.


Clark Dry Lake


Dune Evening Primrose with some Desert Sand Verbena in the background


Desert Sunflower

You know you’re getting old when you’ve know someone for 50 years! Amelia and Donna met in kindergarten.


Up close view of the Desert Sand Verbena & Brown-eyed Evening Primrose


Desert Chicory


Spectacular morning view of the Santa Rosa Mountains


Parish’s poppy


Mojave Desert Star


Desert lavender just beginning to bloom


Harvester Ant dragging a seed pod


Coyote Creek with Monica, John, and Amelia in the righthand corner


Amelia, John, and Monica enjoying some Tecates. Opal is actually perfectly level, I’m not quite sure why she looks cockeyed.


Desert Dandelion


Spectacle Pod


Orcutt’s Woody Aster

Desert Datura


Dune Sunflower


The Desert Marigold, the bee, and the spider


Battle of the wrinkles! I’m eight years older than Needles, so keep that in mind. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a little guy, but I’m also not as huge as that twenty five year old Fins XL sweatshirt makes me look!


It pays to get out of bed! A beautiful sunrise on our last morning.


Then ninety minutes later we were blessed with this incredible rainbow. I just might have to enter it in some photo contest.