What’s with the name another bold move?  It’s a long story, but the short version is back in the day when my buddies and I owned Fins A Mexican Eatery, our corporate name was Bold Move Inc.  If you want the long version, buy me a couple beers and I’ll take you through the whole story.

Who’s Amelia? That’s another long story, but most of you know her as Amy, some as Mrs. Harris, a teacher at Farr Elementary in Escondido.

I am Greg.  I do most of the writing.

And this blog keeps our friends and family informed of our whereabouts and goings ons. Hopefully you’ll find the posts to be both humorous and educational.  Many a folk, a few years older than us, have pounded into our head “do it while you are young.”  So Amelia took a leave of absence, we bought an Airstream, rented out our San Diego home for a year and a half, lived in our 600 square foot condo in Mammoth Lakes, and traveled.

I’m doing consultant work and extremely grateful to Vinny Lucido and Tricia Cerchi of Xperience Marketing and Gold Coast Packing for allowing me to consult from home and while on the road.

We are now back in San Diego. Amelia is teaching again at her old school and we are still living the dream taking advantage of her work schedule!

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Had some beers with Jules last night. She told me about your life change and sent me the link. WOW!!! So happy for you Greg and Amy aka Amelia!!! Doing it instead of talking about it. Sweet!

  2. It was nice to meet you two at El Chorro! Right after we left we promptly forgot your blogname but Roxie found it via Google. Always fun to read an Airstream blog.

  3. Loved the book, many thanks Greg for taking the time and effort to write it. Warms my heart to see you and Amy together after all these years, please tell her hello for me!

  4. Hi Greg. Loved the story about your new book and would like to learn more. I host a local podcast and have interviewed authors in the Rancho Bernardo and Poway areas. I would enjoy learning more about your adventures and discussing your book. If you are interested, please reach out to me at http://www.johnrileyproject.com. Thank you.

  5. Hi Greg. Loved hearing about your new book, your traveling adventures and more. I host a local podcast and I have interviewed numerous authors in the Rancho Bernardo/Poway area. If you are interested in doing a sit down conversation about your book, then please reach out to me at http://www.johnrileyproject.com. Thank you.

  6. Loving your new book and blog posts! Keep it up!
    I can tell you’ve been to lots of places…but I bet you haven’t been to Cleveland, Ohio before or have you? 🙂

    What is a good email address for you?

  7. I still have photos of you guys when you stopped over in IF and we went up to Yellowstone and Island Park in 1978. Drop me an email sometime dude. I’m retired now and live in Florida.

  8. Hi Greg & Amy! Thanks so much for your sweet note — we enjoyed meeting you both. Happy travels!
    – Mary and Kiff (your death valley airstream neighbors)

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