Copper Top BBQ

Family and friends, here’s the new place to stop while on your way to Mammoth.  It used to be Amigos in Bishop was the spot, but since they had a change in ownership the place hasn’t been the same.  So now you can just stop in Big Pine at Copper Top and drive straight through Bishop!

Here’s what we love about Copper Top BBQ:  First and foremost the food is delicious.  It has a small focused menu, which is a very smart way to manage the business. The Santa Maria Tri Tip and pulled pork were excellent. The owner, Hank, is always present and so is his son, Matt.  They put their heart and soul into it.

What I appreciate is how they put some thought into what they are doing.  The
pit is in front of the building and is a focal point. They cook over red oak. I really love their slogan: Food Makes Friends.  The price on the menu includes taxes, “What you see is what you pay.”  The hours are Wed- Sun, 11-7.   One needs a break, especially in the restaurant business.  I applaud him for closing two days a week.

There are many mediocre restaurants in the Eastern Sierra, and many nice ones.  But the nice ones are expensive.  At the Copper Top you’ll get a quality meal at a fair price.  And you’ll be helping a small guy succeed in the tough restaurant business.  Hank’s background is in the dairy business.  In the mid 90’s he moved to Bakersfield to work for John Deere selling equipment to Caltrans and the DWP.  His oldest son is a CHP officer based in Bishop.  He moved here to be closer to his grandchildren. When you stop in, ask him about them. He’ll show you pictures and speak with admiration.  I’m really pulling for Hank to succeed.  I’ve been there and empathize with want he’s trying to accomplish.

Please give the Copper Top BBQ a try.

Delicious, wonderfully spiced pork cushion on the bbq

Delicious, wonderfully spiced pork cushion on the BBQ.

Boot on the sign, boot on the patio. It's the little things!

Boot on the sign, boot on the patio. It’s the little things!

Talking restaurant business with Hank.

Talking restaurant business with Hank.

Nice little place.

Nice little place.

The back of their business card.  I'm telling you it's the little things!

The back of their business card. I’m telling you it’s the little things!

4 thoughts on “Copper Top BBQ

  1. stopped in our way home tonight. Friday at 6pm abd they were out if a lot if items but we had last chicken, tri-tip and the best potatoe salad ever. Prices were a great value. Everything was very tasty and service at the walk-up window was very friendly. If you are looking for a sit-down restaurant to take a break and get served, this is not your place. It’s basically a walk-up Texas trailer kinda set-up, no bathrooms, no place to wash-hands, but they have outside picnic tables and a small grass area where kiddos can lounge-about. I suggest ordering the potatoe salad that had crispy celery, olives, pickles and was seasoned to perfection. Tri-tip was flavorful and chicken was juicy. BBQ sauce was served on the side, as it should be. Sauce was a balanced mix of tangy and sweet, with the perfect kick, just how us west-costers like it. Other folks, seemed to be regulars, were ordering tri-tip sandwiches n green chili beans that looked and smelled delicious. Texas style, they are open ’til they sell out. At only 6pm, they were already out of ribs and mac-n-cheese so didn’t get to sample the quality of those items. We weren’t sure if that wasdue to popularity, or bad planning for a Friday night. I would probably get this order to go and find a little park to eat at, maybe in Independence. We are hoping they’ll be successful enough to build a bigger facility with amenities soon.

    • forgot to mention…walk-up trailer feel is all Texas, but bbq style is Santa Maria with a mellow, seasoned smoky flavor. There’s not a thickbarked brisket in the bunch… didn’t want to mislead y’all referrin’ to Texas bbq.

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