There is this one particular episode that is still stuck in my mind. Every time we are in a great stretch of weather, which is often here in San Diego, I always think about it.

The episode was from 1977, I believe it was called Fallen Idol. There were a lot of things going on in that episode. But this is how I remember it.

Radar is in a funk, and all down on himself, wondering about his manhood, among other things. Hawkeye tells him to take an R&R and go to Seoul to get his bean snapped. Radar’s jeep hits a landmine, and Hawkeye then blames himself for sending Radar in harm’s way. So naturally he beats himself up. Gets drunk. Doesn’t want to work on an all hands on deck situation. Is forced to go in and has to leave the OR so he can blow chunks.

Later Hawkeye approaches Radar, and things just blow up, starting with Radar greeting Hawkeye as sir. From there it quickly spirals downward. Radar gets kind of harsh with Hawkeye. Then, Hawkeye just explodes and tears poor Radar to pieces. It’s very mean.

Potter lectures Hawkeye, then the Father gives him a lecture

Finally, days later, they break the tension at Rosie’s. Hawkeye is drinking a beer, Radar a grape Nehi, and I can’t remember which one, but I think it was Hawkeye, by saying, “It sure is some stretch of warm weather we are having.”

I bet I haven’t seen that episode in 30 years or more, and probably only seen it two or three times, yet there it is, always in my mind. Memories are wonderful.

Losing your mind, getting Alzhemier’s or some other form of dementia must be the worse thing ever.

What a great stretch of weather we are having.  A few occasional rain showers have made for a great early flowers. One of our favorites, the ceanothus is blooming.

What a great stretch of weather we are having. The few occasional rain showers we have had, has produced a lot of early blooms. Here’s one of our favorites, ceanothus.

And very evening there's a great show in our back yard.

And every evening, Mother Nature puts on a different show in our back yard.


Next weekend we are off to Borrego Springs for two of my favorite things, boon docking and blogging. Take care and savor your memories.

6 thoughts on “M*A*S*H

  1. Loved Mash. Great writing, great acting, great humor, great statements. I love your blog. Savor every moment. It is good to be alive.

    We may run into you in the desert. We will call before then.

  2. Was going to say “Love(d) M*A*S*H”!, but Georgie beat me to it (this is Chris not Mike)…Great riding w/you & Amy today is this wonderful stretch of weather!

  3. Hi, you two,  Great post.  Read it twice and then again.  I think Greg, you could put your posts together in a book of essays. Having big wind storms with rain here, after a beautiful Jan. Early into Feb.  Even with the rain it is warm.  Temps. Yesterday 60’s day and 50’s nite. Crazy.  All the trees are blooming.  I’am still writing and added an Art class and then computer class.  Next year I hope Gail and I can find a place together.  Seeing Borrego in my mind. Makes me smile. Sending love. 


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  4. We will most likely be in Borrego this coming weekend and camp out on the dry lake east of town. We will arrive on Saturday with son and family. Maybe see you there? Birch

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