Se Vende


The time has come.  We are selling my brother’s condo in Mammoth Lakes.  It has always been his condo and never really ours.  We kept it for 21 years, spruced it up, remodeled it, and even tried living in it.  We’ve had some great times in it and wonderful memories.  People are different and brothers are different.

It’s crazy when I think about how many times I’ve driven up the 395 to Mammoth.  The pilgrimage began in the 1970’s.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth.  Forty years of going back and forth.  I guess being a slow learner is better than not learning at all, but there are many places to go to besides Mammoth.

So, no condo means no sense (cents) in buying a season pass, something I’ve done every year.  No season pass means, no sense (cents) in keeping the season locker that’s been in the family since the 80’s.  No season pass, really ultimately probably means no more skiing. I honestly can’t envision coughing up over a hundred bucks for one lift ticket.  It is just not worth it.  For me, skiing is just not as fun as it used to be.  I’ll spare everyone my diatribe about skiing being a dying sport and industry, but trust me it is.

There is one apropos story worth sharing.  The “last” trip to Mammoth just couldn’t be a piece of cake.  We took my mom up so she could see her son’s condo one last time.  We set a new worst time record, three and half hours to the 395.  From Amelia’s school in Escondido to the 395 is typically 90 minutes.  We left at 1:30, thinking we would beat traffic, we were wrong.  The culprit was all the crazy construction they are doing where the 15/215 merge at the base of the Cajon Summit.

Here’s the kicker, I had a 2pm conference call so Amelia was driving the first leg.  She was ready to crawl out of her skin.  Just like her dad, she does not do well in traffic.  I was in the back seat and Ruth was up front.  Thank god I was dehydrating and not needing to urinate. The same was not true for the two ladies in the front. When we finally got on the 395 and pulled into the Outpost they ran into the store to relieve themselves.  When Amelia came out, she had a bag of Doritos and a 24oz can of Modelo Especial Chelada, she got into the back seat and said, “Drive.”

"I don't understand, what do you mean you are selling the condo?"

“I don’t understand.  What do you mean you are selling the condo?”


Clearing out the season locker

Clearing out the season locker in many ways was tougher than the decision to sell the condo.



Skis in the rafters. Will they ever be used again?

Skis and snow shoes in the rafters. Will they ever be used again?

A picture of a picture of our Mom from the hey day of Krystal Villa East, the late 80's.

A picture of a picture of our Mom from the late 80’s. The hey day of Krystal Villa East.

June 13 2015

June 13, 2015

Spectacular sunset in Independence on our drive up.

At least we saw a spectacular sunset in Independence on our drive up.

Closing up shop.

Closing up shop.

Now let’s hitch up that Airstream and go somewhere!

15 thoughts on “Se Vende

  1. I think you made the right choice, it would of never occurred to me till now that it has always been Eric’s place. He will always be in everyone’s heart no matter where you go.

  2. An epic close to an epic era. Even as this is what is right for the here and now, there can be no regrets or second guessing for the there and then. It’s all been ‘perfect’ and just as it was meant to be. Thanks for sharing your special place and your special locker for all these years. These things, they will not be lost or forgotten.

  3. This is huge. Huge for you, Amy, Ruth, and the rest of us who have lounged in EJ’s digs and skied his mountain.
    I am really proud of you guys and the respect with which you have handled EVERYTHING.
    I could not be more grateful for you two.
    Mama Jean

  4. Your mom/I took a “bucket list” trip for one more week of fun 2 yrs ago….left knowing I wouldn’t be back. Nostalgia, yes, but memories will remain…………but how can I get a choc. soda in Randsburg now? Enjoy all your future travels; the USA has so much to show ya.

    Love, Berni S

  5. Best blog yet. A lot of good times we had with ERIC. I remember especially one year
    we spent Xmas with him. He would of wanted us to move on with life.You are right it was
    always Eric’s condo. Thanks to you and Amy for taking me back one more time. LOVE, RUTH

  6. The flood of emotions are all over the map reading this entry. I know it is the right decision for you two and it is the right path. I cannot thank you enough for sharing all the years of chairlift rides, beers, food and friendship. This place is full of wonderful times that will always be the best memories of Mammoth for me.

  7. Greg – you touched my heart with this one. And seeing those pics of Ruth brought back happy memories…. Please send her a big fat hug and kiss from me! Julie

  8. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could of shared a toast or two with you guys at the Condo. I’m sure as the days go by, the great memories will only get better! All the best with all your new adventures my friends!!

  9. Timing is everything when it comes to letting go. You don’t want regrets or what ifs, (although there will always be a little of that). And Amy, Modelo Especial Chelada? My kind of friend!
    Looking forward to reading about your summer adventures.

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