Steamboat Springs: July 2-7, 2019


Swamp Park Trail, a few miles outside of town.


Before we left on this trip our friend, Dennis, gave us a quick summary of his top spots to visit for mountain biking in Colorado.  I would say his description of Steamboat Springs was spot on.

“Off the charts beautiful, great climbing trails, not much fun technical downhill stuff though.”

That pretty much sums it up.

The town was super crowded, but that’s to be expected during a major holiday week.



Eagle Soaring RV Park, Site #16.  Eight miles west of Steamboat. Just another ho hum spot, but thankful for the full hook ups. We needed to run the AC every afternoon.


Getting the RV Park ready for the 4th.


This dude was spraying the heck out of everything, hopefully not with DDT, but whatever he was using worked. There were minimal mosquitoes.


Sorry for the poor picture.  I absolutely love the artwork.


This is the first one of these parking meter like things we’ve seen, makes sense.


Just like the RAT (trails at Ridgway), Emerald Mountain had directions for four different rides. We did this one.


Lupine Trail


Start of Morning Gloria


Mid way up Morning Gloria


We didn’t do Root Canal, but I had to take a picture.


We hit two breweries in town, Butcherknife and Storm Peak.  Both were just okay.  Storm Peak had a bunch of customers on the patio and inside smoking pot.  That was interesting.


Yampa River runs through town.


We did the famous Alpine Slide one afternoon.  You ride a chairlift to the start.  First time in years either of us have been on a chairlift.


There’s two tracks that run side by side.  I can’t believe it, but Amelia beat me to the finish line.


“I’m ready to go home and chase lizards in my backyard.”


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