R.I.P. Sara Marie: December 13, 2019


May 2019, looking very regal.


Our sweet little Puggle passed away on Friday, December 13th. The greater the joy they give you the more devastating the loss. We are devastated by her loss.  The words pet and dog don’t really do her justice.  She was a true companion and we will miss her dearly.  She will always be in our hearts and minds.

Most of our crying is over.  Now we are adjusting to not having her as part of our daily lives.  The house feels a lot different.  If the past is any indicator, it will probably be at least two years before we get another companion.  Time will tell.



February 2014, in her prime.



Easter Sunday 2017, free ranging in The Valley of the Gods.


April 2017, my happy girls.


July 2017, she loved vanilla soft serve.


The beagle in her enjoyed chasing lizards and digging.  When we knew the end was near we let her dig to her heart’s content.  It’s just dirt and plants.  The joy she experienced was worth it.


Of course we would have to bring her in to calm down before she stroked out. After about 15 minutes the panting would stop and she would be banging on the screen door to get back out to the digging.


New Years Eve 2018, Sedona.


She knew the moment the morning sun hit the front porch.  If you weren’t aware of it she would scratch at the door to tell you.


December 1, 2019. The chaise lounge was one of her favorite spots for the late afternoon sun.


Thanks to the Pug in her she snored, but it was a snore we found quite comforting, even in the middle of the night.


October 10, 2019, hoping she will get some ice cream and of course she did.


We love you Sara. Say hello to Jack, Sugar, and Sanchita. We will see you on the other side.



39 thoughts on “R.I.P. Sara Marie: December 13, 2019

  1. I am so sorry about Sara. Unfortunately we feel your pain as our sweet baby boy Javier left us only 3 days ago. We feel your devastation — I don’t think I have cried this much over a human. I loved seeing the photos of Sara on all of your adventures. It looks like she had an amazing life and you were blessed to have her just as much as she was blessed to have you as her parents. Big hug xoxoxo Sonja

    • Thanks Sonja. We are sorry for your loss. Javier no doubt had a great life with you in Mammoth. It’s tough.


  2. Ignore my comment….I’m not thinking straight. Another friend just lost her dog Sadie yesterday. I cannot think straight.

  3. R.I.P. Miss Sara. She was a sweetie. Our pets are just pure love, it’s hard when it’s their time. I know she’ll be waiting for you over the Rainbow bridge.

  4. I’m so sad that you lost Sara. Kevin and I are like you guys and fall deeply and hopelessly in love with our dogs! Love to both you and Amy 🙂

  5. Amy and Greg,
    I am so sorry for your loss, she was a great family member. Dogs are family, that is the only way to describe the relationship. Gratitude for the gifts we are given in life, true the great the loss. May Sara have lots of fun with her new buddies.
    Big hugs and hope to see you soon.

  6. So sorry to hear that Sara passed-she was a cute and wonderful companion for you both. I also enjoy hearing my old girl Cali snoring next to me at night now as well and wish that our pups could live as long as we do. I know that Sara had quite a great life with you two traveling in the air stream and camping out.
    Hoping to see you again soon-let me know when your Spring break is this year as we’ll be heading to Gooseberry in late March.

  7. With tears in my eyes, bless you Miss Sara. Wish we were able to spend more time with you and the Harris’s during your too short time with them. Thank you for the joy you brought them. Rest in Puppy Peace digging to your hearts content.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. And you are right…adjusting to life without your companion is so difficult. I lost my Lexie in April and I still find myself reaching under my desk to scratch her ears. I still miss her deeply and share your grief.

    • Thanks Suzie. I know exactly what you are talking about I work from home and Sara would follow me around all day. In the mornings she would sit right next to me at my desk.

  9. OMG. I am so sorry Amy & Greg. My heart breaks for you! I know how much you loved Sara. I’m so sad for your loss.

  10. Oh I’m so sorry to read this and I completely agree with everything you wrote. They are family members in every way. Love and deepest sympathy to you both 😭❤️

  11. Amy & Greg,
    Your many many experiences with Sara will forever bring a smile to your heart! In time the memories will bring you great comfort in knowing Sara was so lucky to be a part of your family. My big black lab Benzo, who your mother might remember at my sister Karen’s home, will welcome Sara with an open heart and a wagging tail I’m sure! It’s just the kind of thing he would do! We all share your grief, and each of us will grieve in their own way and for as long as it takes. But don’t let your grief keep you from creating a wonderful home/family for another loving dog….two years is a long time!
    I’m thinking Sara wouldn’t want you to live with such a void in your hearts!
    Rest in peace Sara, have fun with Benzo and may our souls meet again! 🙏

  12. What a wonderful way to remember your little girl. She had an amazing life with you two, a life that every dog would kill for. Oz and I wil miss sweet Sara. Such wonderful pictures you posted too.

  13. Greg & Amy,
    I’m just now catching up with emails and saw your blog on Sara. My heartfelt condolences to you both – the love you felt for her is quite apparent and there’s no doubt she knew it! Take care you two and I hope to see you soon.

  14. Guys, I am way behind in reading posts, obviously. I’m so sorry for your loss…I know too well how difficult it is to loose a fury family member, especially one that is your constant companion! My house is still full of pictures of Rusty and Ezzy! On another note,Greg, I read your book a while back and absolutely loved it!! I’ve been meaning to add a review on Amazon or wherever and now that I’m stuck in the house for who knows how long, I’ll get that done. You are an amazing story teller and I learned a lot about you that I didn’t know! Thanks for sharing your life with us. You guys hang in there. We’ll all get thru this eventually. Love to you both!!!

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