Buttermilk Country: October 22-26, 2021


A section on the third leg of Lower Rock Creek trail.

I had the opportunity to go help my buddy Eric hunt deer in the Buttermilk Country west of Bishop, California. Normally this wouldn’t be a blog post, but I know how much everyone loves beautiful scenery photos!

We stayed in his trailer at Pleasant Valley Owens River Campground. Opening day was Saturday. I arrived on Friday so I could bike one of my favorite trails: Lower Rock Creek. We hunted Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Yes, this was in the middle of the big storm that hit California.

We saw over a hundred does and more than a dozen bucks. Eric was looking for a trophy buck with at least a 5×5 rack, and he wasn’t going to settle for anything less. We saw a few 4x4s and one giant with a wide 5×5 rack but he was out of range. Eric is still up there hunting for his elusive trophy buck.


The first leg of Lower Rock Creek is out of sight down in the trees.


I took this pic because it’s one of Amelia’s favorite sections of the third leg of Lower Rock Creek.


Pleasant Valley Owens River Campground is no frills.


I slept in the bunk. It’s a tough deal when you get up often in the night to take a leak. It’s even tougher after two beers and a sleeping aid. One night I missed the second step on the ladder and fell like a sack of potatoes. It was a miracle I didn’t crack open my skull or break a bone. It scared the hell out of Eric.




Amazing morning light


The yellow Rabbitbrush was vivid.


Even a color blind guy could see the colors.


I love the cloud shadows.


Sunrise over the Buttermilks


And then Mother Nature treated us to a rainbow.


Sunday night the temperature dropped and it snowed on the Buttermilks, the White Mountains in the background were white. What a difference a night makes.


4 p.m. Monday, 8,000 feet elevation, looking down on the Buttermilks and the Owens Valley.


Eric, he hunts and fishes like I mountain bike…all the time!


The grand finale. Mount Humphreys, at 13,992 feet it’s the highest peak in the Bishop area.

9 thoughts on “Buttermilk Country: October 22-26, 2021

  1. Hi Greg,
    Beautiful photos. Love that you and Amy ( and friends) are still going on adventures and sharing them with us couch potatoes…
    P.S. Is Ruth (your mom) still with us?
    FYI Jeff has been working on his broken down KTM using YouTube videos. No mechanics around here know how to fix it!
    Hugs Old Friend,
    Kristen Broomfield

  2. Great pics there Harris!
    I always enjoy reading your blog. I am sorry but I laughed my ass off reading your commentary on your battle with the ladder and, thus, the floor.

  3. Hi Greg, Keep your bold moves coming… I really enjoy reading about all your adventures!
    You and Amelia stay safe.
    Love, Aunt Jeannie

    Sent from my iPhone

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