Hurricane, Utah: Spring Break 2022


Amelia & Monica on Wire Mesa

I won’t bore you with the traffic hell we experienced coming and going, but ugh…the Pink Jeep Tours are now at the Valley of Fire. And wow! We could not believe all the new housing developments in Vegas, St. George, and Hurricane since we’ve driven through the area three years ago.

On our third day of riding we were at Gooseberry Mesa. I was going up some steep rock, my chain slipped off the rear cog, and I ended upside down like a Desert Tortoise, with my bike on top of me. I could hear the girls close to me so I waited for them to get me upright. Their voices were not getting any closer. I figured they were probably sessioning something, so I started yelling, “I need a little help!” That got them to me quickly. They were quite worried to see my predicament. Once they got the bike off of me I was fine, just a bloody finger.

Through Strava, we saw that Monica, an old friend, we haven’t ridden with in years was in St. George with her family.  Amy and her texted each other. They were on their way to Hurricane. So the girls set up a ride for Thursday morning at Wire Mesa. We were both ecstatic.

Thursday morning, five minutes before we were leaving to go meet them, I blew out my back putting on my biking shorts. Unbelievable! I haven’t experienced that extreme pain in over a decade. A nerve gets pinched in your spine, then your muscles contract and start to spasm. It is so bad you can’t even stand. The worst part is having your wife roll you on your side and hold a Tupperware container while you urinate. Good times! It’s crazy how crooked you become.

I’ve actually been battling this L4-5 herniated disc since my thirties. Stretching, regular Chiropractor visits, and keeping my core strong has kept it all in check for years. Truth be told, I probably have slacked off on the core strengthening. And now I’m paying the price.


Tradition says on your first evening in town, you ride Church Rocks.


We spent the first 4 nights at Quail Creek State Park site #14. We were reminded again why this town is called Hurricane. We experienced sustained winds of 35 mph and gusts over 40 mph. So windy we couldn’t open any windows for fear they would blow off their hinges. For air circulation we kept the front door open with the screen door closed all through the night. If you were a paranoid person you would be concerned about an axe murderer walking in and killing you. We aren’t paranoid, but we did end up with a layer of sand on everything.


Marlene and Amelia on Little Creek Mesa rock.


Marlene getting crazy.


Little Creek Mesa Public Swimming Pool


Don’t fall!


Amelia on Gooseberry Mesa. The terrain is quite different from Little Creek Mesa. Definitely more difficult and technical.


I can spot a teacher a mile away. These three with Amelia are from Chico. We ran into them on The Point at Gooseberry. Marlene and I were cracking up listening to the four of them going on and on about the profession.


Being on The Point never gets old.


Amelia showing Marlene the line. These girls are always riding stuff I don’t even attempt.


Not too long after my upside down Desert Tortoise trick I smashed my rim. Instantaneous flat tire when all the sealant spewed out.


I’m getting ready to take the wheel off to put in a tube. I think the girls might’ve been getting a kick out of all my issues. Amelia is giving a sarcastic thumbs up behind my back while they are quietly giggling.


Our last ride with Marlene, the Rock n Roll Trail from our campground. Fun and completely different than all the rock we’d been riding.


Goodbyes. Marlene left for home right after the ride. It sure was awesome having her join us for three rides.


On our off day from biking we did an enjoyable hike on the outskirts of St. George. I have no idea why the trail is called Hellhole. It certainly wasn’t.


Desert Alyssum


Woolly Daisy


The canyon walls towered above us.


This is where we turned around. We would’ve kept going but it was the day we were checking out of the campground. It ended up being a nice little 4 mile hike.


Scarlet Bugler


California Evening Primrose


Three nights at WillowWind RV park. There are three new RV parks in town that are definitely cutting into the WillowWind business. On Friday night we had three empty spaces next to us.


Friday on Wire Mesa, Amelia going down rock, Monica watching, and her daughter following. I was at the Airstream trying to get my crooked body straight.


A beautiful moon set as we left Hurricane at the crack of dawn for a long drive home.

22 thoughts on “Hurricane, Utah: Spring Break 2022

  1. My gma always said, “Gettin’ old ain’t for wimps!” Back spasms no joke. Take it easy and lots of ice and walking. Glad y’all still had some fun.

  2. Love that area. Your pics reminded me of great times riding and camping with Mark in Hurricane. Thanks for the inspiration. We need more outdoor times. Hope you stay out of back spasms.

  3. Im sure Amelia didn’t like the Tupperware thing either. And she didn’t mention this when she told us about your trip and how you were injured putting on shorts.

  4. Ah the enjoyment of life as it should be lived. Greg my friend, enjoy your travels of your life’s conquest. You need to take that bike to Aussie land or South Africa!

    Oh, I can relate about the back. I’m a Disabled Vet and part of that reason is from jumping out of perfectly good aircraft in foreign and domestic lands. Keep active, that is the key! Maybe some day we can meet up again. Stay safe my friend.

  5. Wow, awesome photos Greg..thanks so much for sharing! And the Tupperware story, I’m not sure who to feel more sorry or Amy!😂 Also, sorry to hear about the back struggles you experienced..oh to be young again!🤠

  6. Hi Greg and Amy! It’s Rachel Dickstein. My mom showed me your blog posts because I asked if she has your contact info. Would it be possible for you to send me an email, since I have a request regarding the petsitting I did for you back in my high school years? I’m making a Trusted Housesitters profile and I think it would help round out my profile. 😀 Also, it would be nice to catch up in general. I’ve been living in Germany since 2012 and hope to be moving with my (German) husband to Ireland in 2023! So lots of news on my end as well. 🙂

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