Leaving Las Vegas: June 13-15, 2016

Like usual, I’m sure we are in the minority with this, but we do not like Vegas.  Hate is too strong of a word, so let’s leave it at don’t like.  Please don’t take it personally if you like Sin City.  If not for my dad living here we’d never stop, but he does, so we spent two nights at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort.


Bummer summer. Amelia completely tore a ligament in her thumb during a mountain biking accident months ago, and the thumb was not healing. So surgery was Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Hell of a kick off to her summer vacation.  She’s really bummed about not being able to ride for 6-8 weeks.


Baker, California another place I don’t particularly care for. It’s trippy, basically only two places do any business. Alien Jerky & Mad Greek Cafe. Most of the motels are boarded up. They also ream you for gas. That’s Amelia, bringing lunch back.


The stupid “world’s tallest thermometer” in Baker. We lucked out it was only 99 degrees.  The Mad Greek was so busy our quick lunch stop ended up being over an hour.


Las Vegas Oasis RV Resort.  Too bad it’s in Vegas…


Blue Diamond Trail system, about 30 miles east of Vegas before you reach Red Rock Canyon. Decent trail.


Out on the Blue Diamond Trail is Bonnie & Clyde’s car, or so “they” say.


My dad and me at Mt. Charleston.  The two of us and Amelia fled Vegas for the day and went up to the mountains an hour outside of town.  It was a delightful 66 degrees!




Have card, will travel. The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass.


For a mere $80 this annual pass will get you into National Parks, National Monuments, and National Recreation Areas.  It provides entrance or access to more than 2,000 Federal Recreation sites.  What a bargain!

We’ll be using it in the next couple of weeks for Bryce, Capitol Reef, and Great Basin National Parks.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Las Vegas: June 13-15, 2016

  1. Amy, Give the thumb love! You will need it with rapid fire shifters in retirement—-I know, this old timer got knee, neck and back pains to name a few! Look forward to your HIKING posts using that National Park Pass too!

  2. Been following your posts and thinking of you guys! I agree, don’t like Vegas, but was there recently on business and spent the weekend. Went to Mt Charleston and Red Rock Canyon both giving me a different perspective of the area. So, when you become a senior like me, for $20 you can purchase a lifetime pass entitling you to free access to our National Parks…quite a deal! Just got back from Yellowstone!

    Amy, hope your thumb heals quickly so you can get back on your bike.
    Life is grand! love to you both!!!

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