Well, we tried it…

And for us, we found out Mammoth Lakes is more of a great place to vacation instead of live. So in November we are moving back to San Diego.

Inside view of the Mammoth abode.

The inside view of the 600 sq. ft love shack. It’s perfect as a vacation home, but really tough as a primary residence.

Life is an adventure, and our time in Mammoth certainly was. Moving to Mammoth Lakes really shined the light on things we took for granted in San Diego. Our friends, family, weather, and year around mountain biking to name a few. I’d say the odds of a big snow year have just increased dramatically now that we’ve decided to move!


Put the kleenex away, we are moving back,

Put the kleenex away, we are moving back.

13 thoughts on “Well, we tried it…

  1. Kudos and respect for giving it a solid try. You now have a pile of new and unforgettable experiences, and your friends and family will ALWAYS be there for you wherever you choose to live.

  2. Very cool from my selfish view as I really did miss you three. Looking forward to seeing a bit more of you in the fall. Birch

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  3. Hi guys! I have enjoyed your posts from all the various places and reading about your great adventures! But I have to say that SD will be better with you guys here. And when I’ve been in Mammoth, you guys have been out on a roundabout lol. It’ll be good to see you all again!!!

    Blessings and Love, Glenn

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