Grand Teton National Park: June 25-27, 2018


Teton Mountain Range

The Tetons are truly mesmerizing.

The National Park Service has a real dilemma on their hands.  The most popular parks are being loved to death.  The crowds overwhelm the roads, facilities, and trails.  On our one hike, we saw two trails that were closed due to damage because of heavy use and were being repaired, so the sign said.  You try not to let the masses impact your enjoyment, but it does.  The idea of getting out in nature, at least for us, has been to escape the crowds and detox from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.  I don’t know what the answer is to the problem, but they need to figure something out before we ruin these national treasures.

When we were planning this trip, even though Yellowstone is only 30 miles away, we decided to skip it because of the crowds.  I’ve been there many times as a kid growing up in Idaho Falls, and Amelia once, but she was so young she only has vague recollections.  Perhaps when she retires we’ll go off season, if there’s such a thing as an off season then.

Just like when we were at the Grand Canyon and Bryce, we boondocked right outside of the park boundary on national forest land.  Our site was just okay.  It’s become a popular boondock spot because of websites like campendium, so you’ll never be alone.  The dirt road is heavily traveled and dusty.  But the reason why we cut our stay short was the mosquitoes!  If West Nile Virus is still a thing, then we most certainly got it.  Our spoiled San Diego skin is not used to being penetrated by mosquitoes.  We must be a delicacy the way they were coming after us.  In the morning and evening, while taking shelter in the Airstream, the mosquitoes were outside clinging onto the screens.  I have no doubt those little rat bastards knew we were inside.

Serendipitously our paths crossed with the Lynch family and they camped right next to us.  It was a real treat to spend time with them.  Jim used to lay tile with my brother and we haven’t seen him and his family since we left Mammoth.




A wiseman (my cousin in Tahoe) once told me there are only two seasons in the mountains, white and orange.  He wasn’t kidding.  We hit numerous one lane flagman situations on the drive from Park City to the Tetons.


Our spot with a beautiful field of cinquefoils and geraniums.



My favorite shot: this was our first evening about 30 yards from our campsite.


Old lady jonesing on a rawhide.


The hike to Hidden Falls with the Lynch family


Me and Jim


The Lynch family and Amelia at Hidden Falls


Play the above video!


Trying to recapture the famous Ansel Adams photograph.


Amelia, ankle deep in the Snake


Love the sign, but it doesn’t matter.  People don’t pay attention.  It’s frustrating as hell to come up on someone, yell at them, and get zero response.


Amelia without earbuds on the Putt Putt trail.  There wasn’t anything putt putt about it.


Driving way from our spot

5 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park: June 25-27, 2018

  1. Awesome photos! Yeah, it’s a bummer for crowds but it’s good people are going out into nature. More dedicated parks?

  2. I loved the Grand Tetons! They are truly magnificent. And you’re right to avoid Yellowstone in the summer – it’s redunculous!

  3. Nice blog, brought back some good memories since we lived in Idaho Falls for 3 years.                Jimmy and his family looked good, saw on his Instagram where they were going on vacationup that area, was wondering if they would run into you.

  4. Such beautiful pictures! I just love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing all your adventures with us! Ox

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